Dr. Senem Velipasalar

Ph.D. Students:
  • Yu Zheng (May 2012 - present)
  • Maria Lynn Scalzo (August 2012 - present)
  • Burak Kakillioglu (August 2015- present)
  • Yantao Lu (August 2015- present)
  • Chuang Ye (August 2012 - present) (co-advisor Dr. Gursoy)
  • Chen Zong (August 2016- present) (co-advisor Dr. Gursoy)
  • Danushka Bandara (co-advisor Dr. Hirshfield)
  • Natalie Sommer (co-advisor Dr. Hirshfield)
Former Students:
  • Koray Ozcan (Ph.D.) (defense date: March 3, 2017)

    • Thesis Title: Computer Vision Algorithms for Mobile Camera Applications
    • Currently a Postdoctoral Researcher at Iowa State University.
  • Yi Li (Ph.D.) (defense date: June 6, 2017) (co-advisor Dr. Gursoy)

    • Thesis Title: Delay QoS Provisioning and Optimal Resource Allocation for Wireless Networks
    • Currently employed at Intelligent Fusion Technology.
  • Mauricio Casares (Ph.D.) (defense date: April 14, 2014)

    • Thesis Title: Energy-Efficient and Lightweight Algorithms for Embedded Smart Cameras: Design, Implementation and Performance Analysis
    • Currently employed at Schneider Electric.
  • Akhan Almagambetov (Ph.D.) (defense date: August 16, 2013)

    • Thesis Title: Toward Computationally Lightweight Stationary and Mobile Computer Visionbased Traffic Surveillance for Assistive Devices in Intelligent Transportation Systems

    • Currently an Assistant Professor at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Arizona.

  • Youlu Wang (Ph.D.) (defense date: April 17, 2013)

    • Thesis Title: Distributed Multi-Object Tracking with Multi-camera Systems Composed of Overlapping and Non-overlapping Cameras

    • Currently employed at Qualcomm, San Diego, CA.

  • Deli Qiao (Ph.D.) (co-advised with Dr. Gursoy) (Fall 2007 -- Summer 2012)

    • Thesis Title: Wireless Communications under QoS Constraints: Energy Efficiency, Power and Rate Control, and Throughput.
    • Currently a faculty member at East China Normal University, China.
  • Alvaro Pinto (M.S.) (August 2008 - July 2011)

    • Currently employed at the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

  • Li He (M.S.) (co-advised with Dr. Gursoy) (August 2009 - July 2011)

    • Thesis Title: Detection-assisted Object Tracking by Mobile Cameras
    • Currently employed at Qualcomm, San Diego, CA.